PayRight has an experienced and certified team of billers who are experts at dealing with Long Term Care insurance companies and the complexity they can represent. At PayRight we have worked with over 240 different payers. You get the benefit of experience as we act as an extension of your agency.

Top Benefits of PayRight TPP billing support

Pre-Sales Claim Benefit Analysis

We work on you and your clients behalf to ensure there are no hidden issues. We call the payer, verify benefits and provide you with a comprehensive report that details: All pertinent policy information, elimination period, daily maximum benefit, plan of care, remaining balance, requirements for eligibility, reimbursement specifics and much more.

100% claim management

We ensure your claim is compliant, clean and submitted with all the appropriate back up to ensure quick and full payment. 98% of all claims we submit are accepted on the first pass. We collect faster so you get paid faster and maximize the claim benefit.

Advance Funding

The average LTCi claim is paid in 45 days. Our service allows you to take an advance against the claim for either 40% or 60% of the claim value. You receive funds up to 2x a week and no longer worry about payroll. On average, clients see their days sales outstanding reduce from 60 to 18.

Incentives are completely aligned

PayRight only gets paid when you get paid. It is in our best interest to ensure that claims are correct and submitted quickly. We are often advancing you funds that we then must collect. No one is more incented than we are to collect your claims quickly.

Work with any scheduling software

PayRight has clients who use nearly every type of scheduling software. In fact, some of the systems have built special reports that simplify your claim submission process and make it easy to take advantage of our services.

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