The Patient Payment Experience is Broken

Patients & Providers Dissatisfied

Which leads to…


patient responsibility left uncollected.

*Aite Group 2009 “Healthcare Payments”, Sept., 2009

A better PAYMENT experience leads
to a better PATIENT experience

A better PAYMENT experience leads
to a better PATIENT experience

PayRight Health Solutions – A Better Provider Toolset

We offer a suite of tools to help you get paid faster

Patient Portal

Our Patient Portal creates a single point of contact with your patients for all of their billing needs and inquiries – including a purpose built messaging system for effective communications.


QuickPay allows you to create a convenient payment option for your patients, directly at the Point of Service – including calculation of patient responsibility and creation of payment plan options.

Payment Manager

Payment Manager provides transparent, upfront information on costs of care and billing options, creating a more well-informed patient, aware of their responsibilities and thus much more likely to pay.


ePay allows your practice to offer convenient, online billing options to your patients – including HIPAA compliant account messaging and integration with leading EHRs for retrieval of payment files.

COMPREHENSIVE solutions for patient

COMPREHENSIVE solutions for patient

Improve Patient Communication & Payment Resolution


Integrated Statement & Payment Options

Online Payment Management Tools for Healthcare

Integrated Paper & Online Statements

Increased Options for Patient Payment

Results: 5-8% Increase in Collections & 10% Decrease in Statement Cost


Healthcare POS

Increase In-Office Payment Options

Works as a Gateway or Integrated Merchant Services

Create Payment Plans, ACH, Credit, Debit, Financial Assistance or Financing

Expect 10%-15% Increase in Payments

Payment Manager

Comprehensive Education & Payment Management

Provide Upfront Patient Education About Costs – Estimation & Transparency

Integrated Patient/Payer Reconciliation for Automated Payment Management

Patient Portal & Communication Suite

Expect 20% Increase in Payments

Our Products DELIVER

We Accelerate
Payment Collections

60 to 90 Days

(before PayRight)

40% Uncollected

30 Days

(after PayRight)

30% Increase in Collections

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